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Warriors stand between what they hold dear and what threatens it. The warrior fights for a transcendent cause, for something greater than himself. I took an oath on Dec. That became my transcendent cause. I love the Constitution because this is America.

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This is what we are about. This is who we are. America needs you. You can get in the fight.

If you can send email, you can make a difference. I work with Congress every week, and I can tell you it will make a difference. America needs you now—desperately. What do you stand for? Who are you?

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What are you all about? If you can determine what you believe, that will tell you what you hold dear. It will tell you what you have to protect. His name was Cecil. Cecil grew up on a tobacco farm in Eastern North Carolina.

Devotions for the Prayer Warrior

In , when he had just turned 17 years old, he enlisted in the Navy. On June 6, , as he was driving a landing craft, coming ashore at a place called Normandy, there was a large explosion, and the next thing Cecil knew, he woke up in Bethesda Naval Hospital. His landing craft had taken a direct hit, and he had lost his left eye in the explosion. He was discharged from the Navy. He went back to the farm, married his sweetheart and started his family.

Then the Korean War came along, and the Army decided they would take disabled veterans who could still function. He went in the Army. After the Korean War, he was discharged a second time, went back to the tobacco farm and continued raising his family. Then the United States Marine Corps offered him an opportunity to be a civilian employee. He spent 32 years with the Marine Corps, including a tour in Vietnam. Cecil loved God, and he was a very generous man. When his parents, who were sharecroppers, could no longer farm and had no place to go, Cecil took his disability check and bought his parents a home while his own family lived in a rented home.

But he knew that it was his responsibility because the Bible said to take care of your parents. He bought him baseball equipment, taught him to play baseball and helped raise Shakif into a good athlete, but also into a good man. Treat him like your brother. Gerald Cecil Boykin was my dad.

He loved America. He stayed in the fight to the end.

From Worrier to Warrior

He was disabled, but he stayed in the fight to the end because he knew what he believed in. He believed in God. He believed in America. And he believed in his family. He stayed in the fight until the day he died. I watched him die. All proceeds from your purchase directly fund our various ministry programs. Together, we come alongside families to save marriages, equip parents, rescue preborn babies, defend biblical principles and more.

Every resource in our store has been reviewed by Focus on the Family to ensure that it is biblically sound. Give us a call and we will refund your order. For those moments when you think you'll never live up to the Supermoms around you--when you're elbow deep in the grind of diapers and laundry and peanut butter sandwiches--you need a good dose of Grit and Grace.

Waiting on the Warrior Devotional Series: To Defeat Depression

This refreshing collection of 90 daily devotions comes from two moms who've found themselves face-to-the-floor in need of encouragement and now offer it to you. Through humor and vulnerability, these short messages of truth remove the filters of perfection clouding your vision and bring clarity to your purpose as a mom.

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  • As you read the Scripture and prayer that accompany each day's message, you'll discover more fully who you are in Christ and how to raise your children to reflect His love to the world. In giving yourself grace, you will find you have even more grace to give from the One who is present in your life right now and in every moment. Creative Correction Digital. Kingdom Woman Digital. Kingdom Man Devotional Digital. In order to serve you better and ensure that you will get Canadian tax receipts for donations and the best shipping rates for purchases, please visit our Canadian store.

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